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Metal alloys

There are two possible ways to produce metal alloys in our reactors. The chosen method depends on the alloy’s chemical composition and number of elements.

  • The first solution is the best known but least versatile. It involves working from composite targets that are often used in industry for clearly identified and recurring needs.
  • We prefer to use the second solution: co-sputtering of pure targets. This enables us to overcome the problem of synthesis of composite targets, often impossible without thermodynamic equilibrium. Not only that, this technique allows us to explore a vast range of compositions during the coating development process. This method is the best compromise during the research and development phase.


Dephis 25 Fractographie d'un alliage poreux sur substrat d'Alumine

Fractography of a porous alloy on an alumina substrate

Fractographie d'un alliage colonnaire sur substrat d'Alumine

Fractography of a columnar alloy on an alumina substrate


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