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Metal coatings

  • Metal coatings are the easiest to create, at least at first glance. However, various parameters must be taken into account, depending on your product’s nature, shape, size and other characteristics. This means paying close attention to the adhesion and uniformity of thickness of the metal coating. Other important parameters include the structure (crystalline or amorphous) and density/porosity. All must be adjusted according to your needs. This is just one example of how Dephis can make all the difference and ensure complete satisfaction.
  • We can also put all our experience and knowledge to work in creating “self-propagating” depositions in order to meet your requirements quickly and successfully.
  • We can produce titanium, copper, aluminium, chrome, nickel and cobalt metal coatings – all within a short timeframe. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would prefer to use a different metal. We might well have it in stock.


Fractographie d'un revêtement dense sur substrat d'alumine

Fractography of a dense coating on an alumina substrate

Fractographie d'un revêtement colonnaire sur substrat de Silicium

Fractography of a columnar coating on a silicon substrate


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